Innovation Facilitates Safer Termite Elimination

Exterra is an innovative solution for eliminating colonies and protecting property without damaging the environment by using non-toxic chemicals. 


Many companies are increasingly aware of and investing in different ways to go green. This is seen as killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, it contributes to saving the environment from pollution, protecting the global environment which is worsening. On the other hand, following the trend of using green products and services, this practice also enhances market competitive, telling green companies apart from others in the fight for customers who are more demanding in selecting green and clean products.


For that reason, many companies are taking better responsibility in protecting the environment by monitoring sources that may damage nature during their daily operations. Killing termites, for example, may be a minor thing for one company, but it is quite important for others that are looking for better solutions instead of simply using chemicals to get rid of the insects.

Nguyen Bao Son, deputy general director of Vietnam Fumigation Joint Stock Company (VFC), says there are two attitudes towards termite control. The first concerns not paying adequate attention in protecting properties from termites until they have been damaged beyond repair. The other attitude, on the contrary, is too aggressive using different liquid chemicals to sweep away termite colonies without paying attention to the environment. Both are bad practices.

According to Son, many project owners often think their properties are built by a thick layer of cement basement, and thus termites have no way to break through the solid concrete. But the tiny insects can find their ways to any structure. Reality shows that different establishments, from wooden houses to hydro-electronic concrete plants, can be destroyed by termites. As long as people do not understand the insect thoroughly, they cannot find a suitable solution for the problem.

Because of limited options, many companies are using liquid chemicals advertised to be able to kill any kind of termite provided that approximately five liters of chemical are sprayed per square meter in the basement. “Imagine how many liters of chemicals will be needed for a project of thousands of square meters? And what happens if their projects are located near ponds, lakes, rivers or sea areas?  The environmental damages would be enormous.” Mr. Son says.

Theoretically, some chemicals can remain effective around five years. However, in reality its effect, Son says, will not last as long as one may think. Weather conditions could decompose chemicals, making them ineffective after only two or three years. That means owners have to consider repeating the same process to continue to protect their properties.

“Too much chemicals below the basement of the structure for such a long time would become great concerns for companies.” Son raises his concerns over the problem. This is why VFC has researched and adopted new technologies from the United States to develop a new method of termite control: Exterra.

According to the deputy general director, Exterra is not a specific product but a complete system installed for managing and baiting termite colonies without using toxic chemicals. Stations are installed some 4-5 meters apart from each other and surrounding the building as a fence, termites are lured to these stations instead of breaking into the structure. The system creates an ideal environment to attractive termites and exterminates them with a composite called Requiem. Completely environment-friendly, Requiem prevents termites from forming new outer skeleton, gradually eliminating the whole colony. Exterra protects a property from termite attacks from outside, killing them before they can damage the structure.

Thanks to its environmental friendliness, the system has been widely used in many countries such as the United States, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Philippines to name but a few. Some 60,000 kilometers of construction around the world have been protected by Exterra for termite elimination. In Vietnam, the system is installed at premium resorts in the central coast region, Ea Krong Rou Hydropower Plant (Khanh Hoa), Reunification Palace (HCMC), Thien Duc Pagoda (Hoi An), and other valuable historical, cultural, and economical establishments.

 By Dinh Dung - Saigon Time Weekly

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