Soil fumigation

Reason: Pests in soil can not be controlled by pesticide.


* Subjects: Entomopathogenic nematodes, weeds, fungus, bacteria etc.

* Plants: soil for growing flowers, clean vegetables, grass for golf course etc.

* Chemical: Methyl Bromide (gas)



Diffusing and deeply penetrating into soil.

Methyl Bromide is able to exterminate most of pests in soil

Make plants grow well with high yield and good quality

After exterminating these subjects, Methyl Bromide is earated from soil and left no chemicals in soil like common pesticides.

VFC is the first fumigation company in Vietnam fumigating land for golf course, flower-growing soil in Dalat since 1996. In fact, at current time, most of companies specializing in export flowers as well as farmhouse and farmer households in Dalat – Lam Dong have been using soil treatment service of VFC.
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