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VFC is initially Fumigation Team under Plant Protection Department since 1960.
1975: Fumigation Company No. I, II, III were established.
1994: Fumigation Companies were merged into Vietnam Fumigation Company - VFC.
1998: VFC is Project Coordinator of UNIDO/UNEP on alternatives to Methyl Bromide.
1999: VFC joined in International Maritime Fumigation Organization - IMFO and  USA National Pest Management Association - NPMA.
2001: VFC is the first fumigation company in Vietnam obtaining ISO 9001:2000 BVQI-UKAS/ ANSI-RAB.
As the first fumigation company in Vietnam, with over 30-year expertise and comprehensive investment in human resource and facilities, for many years, VFC always meets all requirements of domestic and foreign customers at the highest expectation as well as specific fumigation requests for customs, plant quarantine etc. This helps to ensure the preservation, processing and import-export in an effective and smooth way



    *   Agricultural products: rice, coffee, pepper, corn, cashew nut, kinds of bean, cassava, wheat, wheat flour, bran etc. in bags and/or bulk loaded into container, warehouse and ship holds.

    *    Wooden pallet, package, carton boxes for porcelain, equipment and machinery.

    *    Fumigating empty container, container for rattan, handicraft, wooden bale.

    *    Fumigating materials for animal feed, finished products or processing chain etc.

In respect of technology development, since 1994, in Vietnam, VFC pioneered in applying the latest fumigation methods in the world.

1994: Aluminium Phosphide (AlP) in solid state and J-System fumigation technology of Degesch America: This fumigant does not cause harm to ozone layer, widely applicable, improving fumigation quality and shortening anchorage duration at the port, cost-saving and in accordance with regulations of International Maritime Organization – IMO for In-transit fumigation.


2000: SIROFLOW, SIROCIRC, VAPOR3PHOS, ECO2FUME using Phosphine in liquid state of CSIRO - CYTEC - BOC of Australia is initially applied to preserve goods in storehouse or silo system.


With expertise, professional technicians and well-trained workers, VFC is willing to provide highest-quality fumigation services nationwide and worldwide through our partner network: IMFO - www.imfo.com and NPMA - www.pestworld.org

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