Equipments & Facilities

Apart from performing fumigation service directly and controlling insects as customers’ request, VFC also supply almost of specialized equipments relating to insects control. These eqipments being supplied by all world leading manufacturers.


We are willing to support and consult all issues regarding to insects, products, the way of proper using materials and equipments in order to bring highest result and effective for customers.


Fumigation chemicals/Fumigants:

Aluminium Phosphide (AlP): Forms of tablet or bag chain are suitable to fumigate all kinds of products such as cashew nut, tapioca chips, wheat, wheat flour, feed meal etc.


Residual chemicals for spraying surface in warehouse, processing factory:

-    Sumithion 50 EC (Fenitrothion): Form of liquid bottle.

-   Actellic 50 EC (Pirimiphos methyl): Form of liquid bottle. This chemical is very effective with high residual and long term effect.

Fumigation materials:

-    Impervious tarpaulins/sheets

-    Sand snakes for sealing sheet with fumigation floor.

-    Fumi-sleeves/cotton bags for containing AlP tablets 


Protective equipments:

-    Specialized gas mask.

-    Specialized filter.

Equipments for detecting and monitoring gas toxic, safety condition:

-     Hand pump.

-     Detector tubes specializing for each kind of fumigation gas.

-     Other equipments used in fumigation such as Leak Checker, FI – 21 Gas Indicator, Portasen II.


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