With over 35 years of experience, “VFC PestMan – Pestcontrol expert” is proud of veteran prestigious unit supplying pest control services in Vietnam. Above all, we deeply understand the problems that customers often face from harmful insects. Therefore, we give solutions to manage pest most reasonably, effectively safely.

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We commit safe and effective treatment process which causes no harm to human beings, pets and surrounding environment. Chemicals & technical equipment all allowed to use by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development and in accordance with the strictest regulations by WHO, HACCP, FDA etc. Moreover, VFC PestMan has become an official membership of National Pest Management Association with headquarter in USA.


Along with the professional team with lots of experience and comprehensive knowledge about biological characteristics of every kind of pests will provide the most effective solutions for pest control.


PestMan VFC is one of the pest control company has great concerns about  the community and environment. We are aware of our responsibility and join hands with communities to establish value benefits to the community and environment.


With branch network across the country, with techical staff and consultants are enthusiastic and professional. Service available 24/7.


Along with our differenciations “VFC PestMan – Pestcontrol expert” is commited to bring more benefits than the value that customers expect.


Please call 1800 1554 for free advice and inspections

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