Termite control: Post Construction Treatment

Termites are insects with highly social character, including queen-king, soldiers, workers with own function and duty for each. Main food of termites is wood. They can carve through plaster, moving through slits and chinks to seek for their food. Without adequate and effective prevention solutions, great consequences may occur.

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Penetration ways of termite:

PM-1112-045Penetrating from underground: termites in termitaries available underground penetrate into buildings through pathway connecting from termitaries to food sources.


PM-1112-046Penetrating “by air”: Mature terminates grow wings and fly away from their termitary. Then couples of imagoes will become partners, creeping into slits, chinks, humid areas etc. to create their own new termitary.


PM-1112-047Penetrating through infection: termites penetrate into new areas when we move furniture with termite available such as table, chair, cabinet etc.


Harms of termites:

 - Damaging wood structure, files and documents. 

- Speeding up the downgrading of works. 

- Destroying assets. 

- Affecting business and image of companies. 

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Termites prevention solutions:

Up to practical survey, category of termite, termite status as well as building structures, adequate treatment solutions will be introduced to prevent harms caused by termites such as:

- Using “Trap-Treat-Release” method

- Directly spraying to prevent termites

- Periodical treating, creating barriers to prevent termites from penetrating



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