Vietnam Fumigation J.S Company (VFC) goes abreast with Cashew processing enterprises in fields of fumigation and pest control with an aim to improve export goods quality.



With current globalization, mass production of low-level products shifting to high-quality production will help Vietnamese cashew industry easily penetrate into difficult markets and bring in greater profits (Vinacas).



Export cashew processing. Photo: Yen Ngoc

For consecutive years, Vietnam has been always the world’s biggest cashew export country expanding to 80 nations across the globe (according to Vinacas). Although Vietnam’s cashew quality has been improved for two years, in the first 8 months of 2014, there were still complaints about export cashew quality of some cashew processing enterprises in Vietnam such as mixed low-quality nuts, burnt, broken, high humidity, alive and dead insects, etc. from foreign clients.

Therefore, in order to take the initiative in quality improvement tasks for agricultural products in general and cashew in specific,  the quality assurance is very  importance . Cooperating with many cashew producers across the country, Vietnam Fumigation J.S Company (VFC) have carried out courses of training, educating and consulting to help  the enterprises to  control harmful insects  in the warehouses and factories.

Through these programs, VFC has provided clients basic knowledge of  fumigation and Integrated Pest Management  Programme (IPM), which can be actively executed during the process of goods preservation at enterprises in order to minimize damages for goods and meet more and more severe requirements on food safety and hygiene as well as take the initiative in limiting risks of claims in export process. With good feedbacks from educating and training courses, the program is also expanded to seminars, consultancy etc. with an aim to help all enterprises easily to reach  new knowledge of pest control, fumigation as well as updated regulations on goods quarantine in export markets. Thanks to its practical benefits, the program has become prestigious and developed at many enterprises nationwide.

Some images of training courses are as follows:



Training course at Long Son Group


Training workers at Rals Binh Thuan Company


…and Rals Tay Ninh


Instructing  the safety equipments


Trainee excitingly acquire  the training certificate



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